BGMI Hack Mod APK - Unlimited UC In Battlegrounds Mobile India

 PUBG Mobile has finally come back to India under the new name Battlegrounds Mobile India. The difference is in name only, with next to every other detail being the same as the global version of PUBG Mobile. The Indian cracking community wasted no time in creating a hack for BGMI - it is out just a few days after the game's release. In this article, we are going to showcase a complete guide for BGMI Hack Mod APK Download.

Steps to install BGMI Hack Mod:

Uninstall the PlayStore version of Battlegrounds Mobile India if you have already installed it on your device. This is very important, as its anti-cheat could interfere with the modded version.

Open the settings of your device and enable Unknown sources.
  • Download the APK and OBB files and save them to your device. This mod is made by, a trustworthy source for BGMI and other game hacks.
Extract the OBB file and paste it into the Android>obb directory. Run the APK file to install the modded version of BGMI.

Open the Battlegrounds India app and allow it to display over other apps.

Open BGMI and play like normal - login with Twitter only.

Click on the Mod Menu icon and enable the mod features you want.

Features of BGMI hack mod APK

It's easy to understand why many players seek BGMI hack mod APK download unlimited UC, not just because the UC they get for free, but also due to a number of appealing features compared to the original version as well.


Wallhack is one of the most commonly used features in all shooter hacks. With this feature, you would be able to tell the location of enemies on the map at all times. No one would be able to catch you by surprise.

To ensures that they won't be able to detect your hacking, use the wallhack to camp instead of going after camping enemies. Seeing you effortlessly turn at their location would cause them to report you.

Unlimited UC

No one wants to pay for UC if they can help it. With this BGMI hack mod APK download Unlimited UC, you can get as much UC as you want - those skins and costumes along with the royale pass are in your grasp now... for literally no cost whatsoever.

These UC won't transfer over to a normal account, of course - just stick with the Modded version of the game if you want to avoid getting banned.

Auto Aim

Auto aim or aimbot is another popular hack. With this mod, you will win any and all aim duel, even with the weakest weapon in the game. The aimbot feature automatically points your crosshair at enemies' heads with pinpoint accuracy and open fire. You should be able to get the chicken dinner every game effortlessly.

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